Hi, my name is Shakila, I am first a wife to my lovely husband, a mum to a now 10month old little girl called Khadija (who is a real joy to be around), and finally a bookkeeper but I  work from home so I can spend more time with my little human.

Originally from a little town called Oldbury, I made the big move to Bolton to live with my husband, a year and some later we became parent’s to Khadija.

Welcome to my corner of the Internet, a place where I can show you the real life of a mom, the good, the bad, and the ugly… let’s just say reflux is no joke. There will be laughter, a few cringes and some awwws along the way as I continue to learn the art of being a mom. So I hope you stick around to follow us on our journey, as we love good company, and a cup of tea.

A quick snippet of me, sometimes I wish I was Wonder Woman so I could save the world and whizz around my house like the Tasmanian devil with the end result it looking sparkly. We all dream sometimes… follow my blogs to see what mischief we get up to in our lives. See you there. X

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