Sand on our feet

Hi guys!

This post was suppposed to go up 2 weeks ago! Where has the time flown? Even though it is a little behind schedule I still wanted to share it with you, with hopes of inspiring your next family trip.

As the summer holidays had started not long ago for the school goers, (with them so close to returning) we decided to make the most of our time with family and head off to soak up some sunshine in Llandudno Wales.

Although Deeja is too young to start school / nursery, the summer holidays are always a fun time for us because we get to go on adventurous outings to different parts of the country.  Mainly Lake District as my elder siblings enjoy going for boat rides and climbing the many hill-tops they come across. It somewhat becomes a competition amongst the men as to who can get to the top the fastest.

A little over two weeks ago, we headed off towards Llandudno to make the most of the last of the sunshine. Especially since we seem to be not getting much sun this year. After a two hour journey, and a few wrong turns leading me and the OH into a farmland which took us onto a very narrow muddy path. We finally reached the West Shore Beach at Llandudno in Wales. At first glance, you are greeted by beautiful hilltops that overlook the West Shore beach.
Facing the West Shore beach is a row of Hotels with balconies overlooking the beach. There is also a tea room called the Eden, which me and the OH decided to sit in upon arrival in Llandudno (whilst we waited on the others to arrive). This tea room has a beautiful front garden for people wanting to enjoy the views whilst having a cuppa and cake. They have a range of cakes, including gluten free cakes; and a lunch menu.

As we decided to sit outside in the front garden, we noticed little birds chirping inside the flower bushes, and hopping around the grass. That’s when it caught Deeja’s eye, and she was quickly occupied with chasing birds around the garden and clapping at each one, whilst pointing out to random strangers that she had seen a bird.

There was a lot of seagulls flying over us, ( we had been warned by the locals regarding eating any food outdoors). During one particular moment, we had left the table for a mere 3seconds, only to look back at a seagull swallowing our fudge cupcake whole with the wrapper still encased around the cake. My OH was panicking that the seagull would choke, whilst I was unaware of what was going on.

After being stalked by the seagulls for our cakes, we decided to walk towards the beach, which is a very short five minute walk from the tea room. The beach has a play area for children further away from the sand, ideal for anyone not wanting to play in the sand areas. Continuing further along we found a quiet spot amongst our family on the beach, which was the perfect spot to allow the toddlers to run wild, whilst the adults sat on the beach mats and looked on ahead at the breath taking views.

The beach is the perfect place for any family to visit, as it brings out the inner child within the adults. Who in our case where busy building a sand fort and sand castles! I on the other hand was busy trying to attempt building a sandcastle but fast failing as my sand castle  building skills are still not upto scratch.

We fast realised that our little Deeja is fearless when it comes to the waves and sand, and was fast running towards the water at any given chance. She even tried to build a sand castle (whilst secretly tasting the sand), only to cover me in sand and have dug a mini trench.

We had spent a good three hours or more on the West Shore Beach, only to realise we had little time to sit on a tram which would take us up the Orme. Which led to half of the adults to go on a random walk up one of the tall mountains by the beach, whilst a few of us stayed back on the beach to allow our toddlers more time to play on the sand.

We decided we would to try head home by 10pm which would mean we would be way past Deeja 8pm bedtime. Before this, everyone decided to head towards the North Shore promenade in Llandudno, with hopes of sitting on the last boat ride across the shore, and walk up the great Orme. This is one of the many great sights in Llandudno, which is a tall mountain that overlooks the beach and allows you to enjoy the views of Llandudno. There is a tram that travels upto the top of the mountain, and I believe vehicles are also allowed to drive uptop for a quick view.

As it was getting late, Me and the OH decided we would give walking up the Orme a miss this time around as Deeja was clearly having the time of her life running around, and placing her in a pushchair would mean we would be faced with a screaming toddler trying to break free to run wild again.

So we walked along the Promenade and enjoy some freshly made donuts. The beach on the North is a pebble beach, with lots of people walking along the pier. We were fast becoming the most popular family on the pier as Deeja drew lots of attention to us, by calling everyone  MOM, and trying to pet everyone’s dogs. It was past bedtime and we were beginning to feel a little paranoid from all of the attention the toddler was drawing to us, not to forget the seagulls who were stalking me from behind whilst eyeing up the freshly made donuts in my hand.

We decided to head back home around 8pm, knowing we would be back in the near future with hopes of spending a weekend in Wales, which would allow us more time to enjoy all sights in the area whilst putting the toddlers needs first.

As for the journey back, lets just say we had one fussy toddler who was not pleased to be sitting in a carseat, let alone be going home.

Thanks for reading today’s post, we hope you have been enjoying the summer holidays just like us!


Deeja and Mum


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