Eid Celebrations

Hello Loves! 

We had somehow managed to take the high road when it had come to updating our blog, which is INSANE! However, we do have some exciting news to update you all with, and promise to keep the posts coming from here on out (pinky promise).

So not long ago in the month of June Muslims around the world where fasting for a whole month, also known as the month of Ramadan. There are many benefits of fasting, one of which is to enable Muslims to connect with their faith on a more spiritual level and to enable them (including myself) to appreciate everything they may take for granted (food, clothing, family, and so forth). As the month of Ramadan ends, a huge celebration is carried out to celebrate the end of Ramadan, also known as Eid.

Now that a mini introduction to what Ramadan and Eid mean, let me show you how our day of celebrations went. 

Sunday 25th June 2017

As Eid was being celebrated on the same day amongst both in-laws and parents, me and the OH had to split half our day, which meant spending the first half day with the in-laws (my OH’s family), and the other half with my parents.

Mornings’ in our house on the day of Eid are always a little bit manic, with the OH waking up earlier than a normal person to attend morning prayer for Eid, followed by him coming home to me and Deeja laying in bed looking like we have been up all night, partly from excitement…but mostly because Deeja decided to use me as a pillow for half of the night. 

You know how people tend to have a big breakfast on the day of any celebration and then rush around to get ready. Sad to say but the big breakfast is missed, only to be replaced with chugging down a hot cup of tea to awaken the senses, and to rush upstairs and slap on some makeup before Deeja finds my makeup all laid out on the bed. It always happens, you think you are about to have a moments peace to apply some makeup on your face so the relatives don’t think you are looking rather ill. Only to turn around to reach out for that Mac lipstick, to find your toddler is trying out all of your makeup, and eating most of it. Whilst your other half is too busy browsing the internet, mostly looking at 9gag.com. If I had a penny for every time I catch him on that site, I would easily have £100 in my pocket. I would also be that one lady who annoyingly takes out all of those hard earned pennies to pay for her shopping, making you wait an hour before you get to be served at the til. Lovely!

Right Okay, so after getting ready for our first half of the day, we set off as a family all dressed up to attend a barbecue!

Here I am in the Morning wearing a traditional Pakistani Salwar Kameez.

Eid was done in a totally different style this year around, our first half of the day with the in laws was spent at a cricket club in Bolton, which has an amazingly large green field big enough to have a game of cricket or footy. As we parked up near the cricket ground, we were first greeted by the smell of barbecue meat and coal in the air. That smell is enough to drag in people from every corner to eat some grub, and in turn that is where the conversations start… at the table!

There’s always someone trying to get you to look funny in your pictures, in this case my OH’s attempt failed him badly.
Here’s the star of our show, Deeja!

The afternoon was filled with lots of laughter, and a sigh of relief as everyone was now able to eat during daylight hours. Some however were still on guard subconsciously thinking they are still fasting, and others still felt as though their “body clocks” had not returned to normal, therefore where eating small and light until they were able to adjust, or maybe even making room for later when the cakes were going to be served. Unfortunately for us, we had to leave before the sweet stuff was being served, especially since we had a two hour drive to Birmingham ahead of us, and Deeja was still due her afternoon nap.

Three hours ahead, and we had managed to get home and throw random clothes into a weekend bag for myself and Deeja to spend the week at my parents’ house, along with a fresh bottle of milk to knock the toddler into dreamland as we drove to Birmingham. We had finally reached my hometown on the outer-skirts of Birmingham, and were greeted by my family awaiting our arrival so they could serve up some brown rice, with roast, accompanied by sides such as Samosas and Pakoras. No Pakistani household goes a celebration without rice, especially on Eid day!

The evening drew close, yet the sky was still blue with hints of red just shining through; we all decided to head off out to Sprinkles Gelato in a town nearby to end the evening with some more sugary treats, enough to send anyone into a sugar frenzy. Try holding a toddler down in a place where the decor is bright and colourful and you will end up ordering more sugar on your plate to keep you on your toes all night. 


A frown is better than no picture at all, I’ll take it!

Here’s an honest truth, I have still not mastered the art of taking a fabulous photo with Deeja happily smiling away at the camera whilst I or the OH is holding her, it is always a frown, cry or a scream that is being captured. So if you ever catch a picture of us all smiling, something is not right! Either that or one of us has bribed the toddler. 

We hope you all had a fabulous Eid, filled with lots of laughter, smiles, and plenty of food to fill your appetites and more! 

See you next time in another post!


Deeja and Mum 

x x

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