Making A Difference with Cancer Research

Hi all, how are you? 

I’m not good with introductions, I use to be that girl who would talk so fast during presentations that it would seem like I was rapping my presentation. Sometimes I would even hide behind my papers and talk so I could avoid those confrontational eyes looking at me, you know that one person who always has to ask the hardest questions at the end… yeah I used to avoid eye contact because I was scared of locking eyes with that person. 

For that reason solely I am going to skip introductions and just voice my words using my blog. If you have been following me for some time, you will have come across my post some time back called To shred? or lifestyle change? In that post I talked about trying to become more healthier in general, by eating better and exercising with hopes of losing some weight. Well here’s a truthful update, I started off really well… eating my greens and fruits, not to forget having my protein too. All in all my diet was going well, exercise too, excluding the days that Deeja would weigh me down by asking to be picked up as soon as I started exercising. A week in and I somehow managed to eat a few biscuits without really acknowledging it, it was like the food had magically appeared into my mouth and I had swallowed it to stop myself from spitting it out. A couple hours later and I found myself binge eating all sugary junk… I more or less raided my kitchen for bad foods until I was satisfied. From then on I found myself in a bit of a back and forth motion with my clean eating, some days I was eating clean, others not so much, and with that I had ditched workouts too. 

It was a sad time, I had failed the fight against my own willpower. No one was to blame but me, I had gotten weak at the sight of my OH eating a chocolate bar and I had to have some, otherwise he would be in trouble for not sharing. That was the sugar monster in me talking. For a while I began to feel regret and a failure for not going through with my lifestyle change, how was I ever going to fit back into my pre pregnancy clothes, or feel good about myself if I kept falling weak at the sight of junk food. What I realised was that maybe my goals weren’t very realistic for me (someone who always falls weak when dieting). Maybe I needed to be realistic and accept that I will have that slice of cake once a week, or every now and then, or I will accept a friendly token such as a chocolate chip cookie from my OH. That does not mean I am a failure, it just means I am no longer depriving myself of everyday sugary luxuries, I am eating within proportion, and allowing myself that one treat. 

As for exercising, I figured I needed to work towards a challenge, one that is set and I can’t go back, kind of like a promise. I never go back on a promise. So here’s my challenge:

For years we have all seen the terrible aftermath of cancer, loved ones lost, friends of friends gone. Everyday is a battle for cancer sufferers. I have teamed up with cancer research to take part in their 5km race on the 21st May to show my support to help raise funds to find a cure for cancer. The cancer survival rates have shown a lot of success over the last 40 years, especially since survival rates have doubled. Let’s help keep the success going!. Please show your support and donate to help the world beat cancer, lets do this TOGETHER! Here’s the link to donate: Cancer research 5km

In order to prepare myself for this challenge, I am now trying to fit in a 30 minute walk / run every day to build up my stamina. I am also working myself up to doing 3km at the moment (which for some doesn’t seem like a lot, but for me… it really is something). 

Wish me luck everyone and please SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! 


Deeja & Mum 


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