13 months old

With the big “one year old” milestone just passing by, we have somehow reached the thirteen month mark. For a first time parent, who has never truly changed any diapers, or fed a baby before becoming a mother… I can say this is a big deal for me! Especially since this means that we have managed to stay alive without any accidents, apart from a dead sunflower that now sits in a pot in our garden looking rather ghostly. (Maybe I’ll get better at keeping plants alive next year? Maybe?).

So as we now have a toddler on our hands, Deeja seems to be getting more and more confident as the days go on, which is fantastic for us when we are around friends and family! Deeja can get very playful with other children… that is until she decides that she needs to have that one toy to herself and will fight til the end just to have it. That’s when things become a little embarrassing for us, as we have to watch out for her swiping at another child whilst making a karate chop noise Hata” . I think we may have to start calling her Sensay with all her made up karate moves being used on us. 

Then there’s the walking that she is trying to get right, Deeja has taken to walking like a crab. She will side step her way to her destination whilst holding her hands in the air and snapping her fingers like claws. It’s quite amusing to watch, but what do you say when others ask “is she walking yet?“. We have said yes occasionally, to find Deeja refusing to walk in front of anyone except us, unless she does her crab walk of course. She can manage a full ten steps waddling around our living room, which is always applauded at by us as a well done gesture.  But I suppose for now we are answering the “is Deeja walking? question with a “hmmm sometimes”, just so we can enjoy her crab walk a little more. I suppose that this may mean a shopping trip to Clarks to buy her first shoes, that is when she is fully steady on her feet.

Oh and guess who’s becoming quite the talker? Deeja is! She is so fascinated by everything around her, that she now points at everything! And I mean everything, even if you have already explained that the object she is pointing at is called a light. Well guess what? She can say Light! It sounds more like “tight” but she’s getting there. She loves trying to repeat words and is always giving it her best shot, even if it comes out sounding like something utterly made up, she will still babble away and try talking.

I guess this stage is the fun stage, your child is now becoming more of a little person, with all their talking / babbling, and trying to make sense of the world around them. When they start walking, that’s when you know they are growing up way too fast, so we are getting in as many cuddles as we can before she decides she is too big for cuddles. You’re never too old for a cuddle, right? 

With Deeja’s personality shining more and more, I always tend to wonder what she maybe like as she grows older. Will she be the shy girl? Or the bright and loud individual who stands out from the crowd? I guess I’ll never know until that time comes, something tells me she may be quite the talker though.

On a final note, here’s something new for us. Since hitting one years old, Deeja now seems to want everything in her mouth. Anything she can get her hands on, she will put it in her mouth. Why oh why do we have to go through this stage? It’s very strange how after I’ve cleaned our house to keep it tidy, she still manages to find the most absurd thing to chew on. I mean where did you get that twig from? I’m starting to think she has a secret stash of forbidden items that she chews on. Looks like I’m going to have to go haywire and clean the house again like a savage just to find this secret stash of twigs, leaves, paint chips, paper. You name it she has it… somehow. At one point we even put mittens on her hands so she couldn’t eat anything… what happened? She started chewing the mitten. I know it’s part of the teething phase, and we have given her teething toys, but it seems she is only interested in forbidden items. Ah the joy of having to go through such a dangerous time. I’m like a cop in my own house, constantly searching her for goods. We are patiently waiting for this phase to pass… just like any other.

I would love to read your comments about today’s post. Thanks again for stopping by.


Deeja &a Mum

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