A Trip To Chester Zoo

Hi loves, hope you are all well!

We have been blessed with some sunshine over the weekend here in the UK, which means almost the whole of England was either out soaking up some sun, or having a barbecue in their gardens / outside.

As someone who spends 24hours of her day with her now one year old, I knew it was time to push the OH outside so we could join the rest of the country to enjoy the rays of sunshine. We headed off to Chester Zoo, it being our first time visiting, and Deeja’s first time getting to see different kinds of animals that are not a cat, dog or bird (I’m going to say pigeon because we see a lot of them in England).

Me being me, I decided to dress comfortably as I knew we would be walking a fair distance in order to cover the entire zoo. So it was a comfy dress, leggings and my good old sketcher trainers that I wore.

At first sight, you are greeted by a huge carpark, which leads to the ticket office and lots of gift shops for visitors. Under two year olds are given free admission which was a bonus for us.

Once we had entered the zoo, we were immediately pulled into the crowd of people on our left to find ourselves in the Elephant area. Unfortunately we had just missed seeing the elephants by a minute as they had gone inside to rest. However we did notice an elephant trunk from the distance eating peanuts hung on the tree when we were entering the zoo, that’s gotta be worth some points!

We tried to tackle each zone by following the number post which were clear indicators of different animal zones. As fascinated as we were by each of the animals we had seen, Deeja was not too pleased being in her pushchair and decided to kick up a fuss, resulting in myself and the OH taking it in turns to carry her around so she could see upfront all of the animals.

She was very intrigued by all of the monkeys, and even took to pointing and saying “oooh” whenever she spotted a monkey sat on a wooden post. As we trailed through the long paths that seemed to go in all directions allowing us to go around each animal enclosure to get a better view of the animals, we ended up further on the map.

We finally reached the lion enclosures, and were greeted by a lion that was watching its human audience and gently digging into the soil for a reason only the lion knew. That’s when Deeja became very excited. She decided that she must scream out to the lion in order to be heard. Me being mom had taken it upon myself to name each animal to deeja so she may repeat or try to sound the word out, so as I told her that is a lion, She fast decided that the lion was not a lion but a baboon, thus shouting “BABOON” out loudly amidst other visitors. I may have had a few odd stares from people around, nothing a glare back and smile couldn’t solve.

We continued to follow the paths to see what we would come across next, and was amazed at how the zoo had planted specific plants and trees, and labelled the for visitors to see, one that caught my eye in particular was the eucalyptus plant. As we carried on following the trails, we began walking through the bird areas, this brought back some memories of trailing through the Zoo in Indonesia, Bali on our honeymoon. The sun and trees around made it feel very exotic and hearing the sounds of the birds, animals around made it feel more real.

As we were using the map given to us at the entrance, we decided to follow it to make sure we don’t miss anything. What we fast realised was that; 

A) my navigation skills are not up to scratch, which means even using a map we will get lost if I am navigating.

B) I made up directions as we walked to avoid the OH frowning at my directions (I was whinging it). 

C. We walked in circles for ten minutes because I was too proud to admit failure. 

Once we reached the apes bay, I finally gave in and handed over the map to the OH to stop us from walking around in circles. The Ape enclosures were made from wood, and had a slope leading inside for visitors to come inside. Once inside, the enclosure were very open and spacious and led to different areas, there was even reptiles and birds. We stood for a while and took in our surroundings, still being reminded of our trip to the zoo whilst on honeymoon. 

It was nearing 5pm and the zoo was to close very soon, so we decided to head back towards the entrance and grab a bite to eat. All that walking had really worked up an appetite for us. We came to a place called Bembe and decided to eat in, ordering some chips, and a sandwich. As it was time to leave, we made one pit stop to the gift shop to buy some rock and a souvenir magnet for our fridge, and off we set into the sun…  back to our little house where we would put our feet up and relax. 

We will definitely be revisiting the zoo again when the weather is on our side, and this time I will not be navigating, I’ll let the OH handle that whilst I get lost in the tropical areas that remind me of Bali. 

With love,

Deeja & Mum 

x x

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