The issue with travel systems

Hi everyone thanks for stopping by for another post. Much appreciated (sending love your way). 

I’m going to dive right in on this post to an issue I have been having with our travel system. As you know, there are so many different types of prams, and pushchairs out their all trying to compete with one another to make the most sales, and lure its customers in with the latest designs / changes. Which in all honesty is not a bad thing, especially since we all want different types of strollers for our little Ines in order to fit in with our lifestyles. Be it the mom who needs a stroller that can handle the weight of a 40kg shopping load, which obviously needs to get hauled onto her pushchair to save her from breaking her arms, or worse tearing off a limb carrying so many shopping bags. Or it could be that the outgoing mom needs a pushchair that is lightweight and glides around the town with ease, and then there’s the people like me who need all of it including a portable pushchair that I can put into my husbands car boot for when we travel. 

So with all the different types out there, out comes the travel systems. These are two piece pushchairs that separate into a car seat for your child, and then the other part is the base which the seat would sit on (so the wheels, handles, etc, all assembled of course, just folded). What a genius idea! I know they have been out in market for a while now and I’m writing about travel systems like waaay behind everyone, but let me write my piece before you judge! 

We opted for the travel system because it seemed compact, I had a car seat and a pushchair all in one. Although we did not buy a brand new one, we were not very concerned at the time using a second hand travel system as we knew we would buy a brand new one when we found the right one. What I don’t think my OH realised at the time was that he had bought a maxi cosi pebble car seat, and a mothercare brand travel system base. To be totally honest, yes it bugged me that I was using two completely different brands, it was like a cross breed travel system that we had created ourselves, but it fit perfectly and we had no issues with it. So here are some of its qualities; it has a small storage compartment beneath it which to be honest is not that great if you have quite a bit of shopping with you. However, The brakes are fantastic and easily accessible with a stomp of your foot on the brake button, and the wheels manage to do a full spin without me hauling it or carrying it when I need to turn around. It is a compact design that fits nicely into the car and still leaves space for other items. Lastly, the handles are adjustable to your height and the distance you would like to have between yourself and the travel system. 

My issue is, what happens when your kiddo grows out of their car seat? That’s the issue we are having right now, and that means she is fully ready to escape everytime we place her in the seat. At times I wonder why I even bother bringing a travel system around with me when I am carrying Deeja 95% of the time. 

I am now eagerly on the prowl for a pushchair that is comfortable for a toddler, can turn around without being stiff…because lets face it, that is just awkward having to lift the handles of the pushchair to get the back wheels off the ground in order to turn around… awkward much. I think this time I will be on the look out for a stroller that has a lot more space in its storage compartment, for days I need to haul my shopping onto the pushchair, it’s not a good look breaking a sweat when you have lots of other cool mamas looking like they have everything under control with their stroller. Lastly, it needs to have a cover for sunny days to help keep the sun out of Deeja’s eyes, she can have a right “shitfit” when she is being blinded by the sun which means I have a screaming child on my hands. 

Am I being to dreamy about what specifications I need for my new stroller? Or is there actually something out there that matches my description, if not beats it? Someone help this momma bear out before her kiddo decides she’s never sitting in the travel system ever again. 


Deeja & Mum 

x x

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