Dads’ and Fun Time

There’s always one parent who messes around with their kids, I’m not talking bad influence here; I’m talking about creating mischief and jokes. If you still aren’t following what I’m saying, let me break it down and show you.

So, there are the parents who hate casual clothes on their kids, they have to dress their child up as though they are going to a formal party everyday. To those parents all I’m going to say is wow, how do you hold your shit together all the time and look so composed? What happens when the baby has a breakdown? How do you still manage to pull it off like you are Mary poppins?Β 

Secondly, there is the super casual parents, who dress up for occasions, and allow their child to get scruffy during the day because hey that’s normal and kids get their clothes dirty. That’s what playing means right? More clothes for mum to wash during laundry day. I don’t have much to say to this category because I may fall into this category, and I must say, at times I don’t have my sh*t together, I just go with the flow. What that means is wearing my hair down is me making an effort, and I will let loose and play with Deeja as though I am 3years old. At times my OH will look at me from his seat on the sofa and think what is she doing?! But that’s called parenting, sometimes you have to be a kid in order to entertain your child.

Lastly, there is my husband. He finds it hilarious to dress Deeja up in any costume he can get his hands on (yes I am also guilty of this at times). I have even gone a day or two without knowing that he has dressed Deeja up as John Snow from Game of Thrones, or as a nun and then hidden all evidence… except one, the pictures he took on my phone! Seriously, why my phone? It’s like he purposefully does it so I find the images later and laugh. I do laugh, but then I think, what must our child think of us? She must think we are a bunch of nut jobs who find anything funny.

Here are some of his favourite dress up moments, and a few of mine.

It’s now come to a point where Deeja no longer settles with my OH at bedtime, she finds him too entertaining to sleep. Which has resulted in me sending the OH out of the room during bedtimes just to get her to settle. In the mornings when she sees him, he is quickly greeted by her climbing all over him.

What is it with dads and causing mischief before bedtimes? If I say, will you please put Deeja to sleep? My OH will nod in agreement, only for me to hear them minutes later chatting away and laughing. Now you know why I handle the bedtime routine.

What kind of parent are you? Do you play dress up with your children? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments section.
Thanks for stopping by, see you in another post real soon.Β 

Love from,

Deeja & Mum

x x

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