Valentine’s Day with Deeja. 

Ahhh it’s that time of year again when all the soppy couples get excited about Valentine’s Day waaay in advance and start planning their romantic day out with their loved one, I like to call them… Hopeless romantics. Whereas the opposites of the so called “Hopeless Romantics” are the people that hate the romantic stuff because they find it cringeworthy and may see it as a day that is a money making scheme to sell any random heart shaped item in the stores, I call these people “realists”. Finally there are the in between, that see everyday a day to love and cherish their loved ones, and don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. I think I fall into this category, so I’m going to call us “in-betweeners”. 

This year for me and the other half, we are celebrating or shall I say spending our Valentine’s Day with Deeja, as a family. So what better way to spend the day, and as it is clearly a working weekday, at home and have a chilled out day with some yummy food that I whizzed right up with my fancy grey pan, and wooden spoon from ikea. 

On the menu for us tonight was: tacos, salsa, and Caesar salad. Followed by a few episodes of Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, maybe some In The Night Garden for Deeja. To end the evening, we will be playing “Babyzilla” which involved Deeja climbing onto the plastic storage container that stores her toys, and climbing back off. This game goes on for hours, and involves a few tumbles, maybe a whinge if she wants some attention, followed by a session of tickles. 

So that’s our Valentine’s Day this year, spending it with each other in the comfort of our own home, and being oh so comfortable in our pyjamas. How are you spending your Valentine’s Day? Which one of my categories would you say you are? We would love to know how you are spending your day. 
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Deeja & Mum


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