To Shred? Or Lifestyle change? 

Hey world! How’s it going? Thanks for checking back at the blog today to read up on today’s post. Much appreciated! 😊

Recently I have been constantly analysing what goes into my mouth ( I’m talking about food and drinks) and how much physical activity I am actually doing. Truth be told, for the last few months, I actually started to think of myself as borderline couch potato. If there is such a thing that is. I had done no exercise since Khadija was 5months old, and my diet… not healthy but not too bad either, if you ignore the pile of chocolates and biscuits laying on the kitchen counter, and the shit load of crisps I snack on in the evenings. Alright, alright, my diet is just as crappy as my physical activity in a day. 

Now that summer is coming closer in sight, and the days seem to be getting more brighter, still cold, but brighter, oh and did I mention my birthday is coming up this month? With all the summery thoughts in my head, and me standing on a beach somewhere looking like a whale washed up on shore, I’ve decided to make some changes. Lifestyle changes, or shred? 

It was pretty clear that exercising on its own wasn’t going to do much, especially with how much sweet stuff and cravings for pakoras I was getting. Damn you Indian food! I have now set myself a goal, something achievable and not so strict that I will cave within a day. The goal is to exercise five times a week for a duration of 30minutes, the reason I chose 30minutes instead of one whole hour, is because fitting in 30minutes is easy with a baby that crawls, stands, and is trying to do all things dangerous whilst I look away for a second. God only knows what Deeja will do with a whole hour of freedom! The exercise doesn’t have to be intense, don’t forget I am only just starting out, so I don’t want to overdo it and end up in A&E complaining of back injury. The exercise is moderate, enough to work up a sweat, and easily do able at home with the help of YouTube and a matt. 

Now onto the diet, you know what, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Yeah, a lifestyle change. Truth be told, I love food. I feel sad just admitting it, but it’s true. I think I’m that one friend who eats junk food to drown their sorrows, heck I even eat food to cheer me up, I’m a foodie. But my version of foodie is different to that of my husband, he is a big meat eater, and by that I mean he will lamb, chicken, beef and so on. Me on the other hand, I’m not a big fan of red meats, I stick to chicken and fish, and rarely and I’ll repeat this rarely I’ll have a tiny bit of beef. So when it comes to dining out with the OH, we have to find a place that caters for both of our tastes, I don’t mind eating vegetarian, but the OH does not, so it’s sometimes a juggle to find a suitable place to dine. 

My diet will now incorporate a lot more greens, vegetables, salads, accompanied with grilled or baked meat for protein. On days that I choose to go vegetarian, I will. Yes I will still have my cup of tea to wake me up in the morning, and it will have 1teaspoon of sugar because I need it. So don’t judge me please, I’m only human. 

Here is a mini breakdown of my weekly routine:


Breakfast:  Cereal with soya milk. (I forgot to mention I am lactose intolerant so my replacement for milk is soya milk). 

Exercise: 30 minute cardio workout with baby Deeja crawling around me.

Snack: Banana

Lunch: Tuna salad

Dinner: Cod served with steamed vegetables. 

Snack: Tea and a biscuit because I’m craving it. 


Breakfast: Cereal again

Exercise: Another 30 minute session, followed by 10minutes of strength training. 

Snack: Fruit.

Lunch: vegetables and grilled chicken. 

Dinner: Chicken Stew with vegetables. 


Breakfast: One toast and boiled egg, and a hot cup of tea.

Lunch: vegetarian pastry. 

Dinner: homemade pizza with very little cheese. 

Exercise: 4ominute on the treadmill whilst the OH entertains Deeja. 
So that’s a rough look at three days in my week, just a quick note: I do drink a lot of water throughout the day and I am snacking in between when I can. I am currently in day 2 of this lifestyle change, my diet isn’t amazing but it’s a lot better than what it used to be. So far I have noticed that 5minutes into my exercise, baby Deeja decides she wants to be picked up so she can join in on the fun. So for the remaining 25minutes of my exercise, I am holding a baby and working out… and slowly dying at the same time. I have learnt one thing in the past two days, let the baby do her thing whilst I exercise, even if it means seeing her zoom across the room with an empty box of pampers, just get that 30 minute exercise in! 

Yes that is Deeja being picked up by me, yes she has her finger in her nose for no reason at all. She’s mastering the art of “cling to mum like a monkey whilst she exercises”, it’s become her thing now, my guess is she loves being swung around whilst I exercise. I would love to know about any diet / exercise / changes that you have made in your life. I will be checking back with you guys at the start of March to update you on my progress and any changes I have made or noticed. 
Thanks a bunch for reading, comment down below, share, like, subscribe, you know the drill. 

Baby Deeja & Mum

x x

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