Khadija, or as she says Deejah

Hello loves, hope all is well with you. It seems to be cloudy days here in Bolton, which is becoming a real downer on our moods, especially since we are still suffering from the “Dastardly Cold”. Here’s a quick update on what’s been happening in our house. 

Aside from being swarmed with the virus, and having a clingy baby on our hands, we seem to have noticed that our little person is becoming quite the talker. Maybe one day she will run for president and give big speeches, maybe she is being elected for president of baby’s as we speak and us elders have no idea? As khadija (Little K) is now babbling a lot in our house, we have realised that her babbling is sounding more and more like real words. I have picked out some of her favourite words for you, which are: 

1. Pointing at an object and saying “This”.

2. Trying to say her own name Khadija, but instead she says “Deejah“.

3. Nodding her head and saying “Yes“, I have come to the conclusion she doesn’t know what Yes actually means, especially since she says yes to anything. 

4. She can definitely say Mama, and Dadda. She even goes as far as to shout DAD! That’s if daddy bear isn’t looking. 

5. Her favourite word is saying “mamam” which we assume means food. 

Over the last few days I have been contemplating whether I should change the blog name to better suit Khadija and myself. Not the website link, but the actual title  Little K in the Big World. As Khadija seems to be growing up very quickly, it makes me wonder whether the title “Little” will suit her as she goes through different stages and developments, soon turning into a toddler. Without a further thought, we have decided to let Khadija choose her own name, and she has clearly pointed out that she would like to be referred to as Deejah. Now that the baby has decided her own name, its time to make some changes to the blog name to match her ever growing self. 

I hope you will stick around for more posts, as we will be updating our blog very soon and jazzing things up a bit more. 

Thanks for reading, see you in another post. 


Deeja & Mum


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