The teething stage

Just reading this post title makes me want to hide away, preferably under my bed covers so I can maybe catch up on … oh I don’t know almost a years worth of sleep. 

It’s this particular stage that makes most parents vulnerable and look crazy. Little K’s now at the stage where she has two teeth, and cutting her third one. Awww! As cute as it may seem, teething can start any time, it’s like the weather in the U.K… very unpredictable. What seemed to be cute in the first few days of Little K teething at 6months old, turned into a living hell for me and my husband. Who would have thought that the excess saliva produced in a baby’s mouth can cause such acidic poop?! (Apologies to the faint hearted, and those who have wild imaginations).

Our little human was going through a tough time during her first encounter getting two teeth, it was bad enough having to deal with being thrown up on 90% of the time because of reflux, but now we were dealing with endless nappy changes, which was a constant battle trying to pin down the baby just to check her diaper; kinda like wrestling a crocodile, except this crocodile screams and cries very very loud! At times I would get very worried that my neighbours would think we are abusing our child and call the cops. Imagine explaining that the loud squealing noise coming from our house was our 6month old trying to break free during nappy changing times. Embarrassing much? 

What made the teething stage worse was the nighttime wakings, just shoot me now! Little K would wake every 2hours and start to cry because her gums would hurt, (poor baby), so that called for me to pull up my sleeves and rock her to sleep every so often until she was sound asleep. Two weeks in and I had hit breaking point, which meant I was referring to everyone as “What’s his/her face?” And calling objects “things”, at one point I had even mastered sleeping with my eyes open, you just have to stare for a while and everything will slowly begin to fade away. I apologise to anyone I may have stared at, I can assure you I was sleeping and not being a creep. Thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel, those two teeth were finally out which meant we managed to get a good nights rest. No more random waking up at night, woohoo! 

A couple months on (which is today), we have a third tooth emerging, already Me and the husband have made countless silent prayers that we won’t go through the same experience as we did when she was cutting her first two teeth. We have even “upped” our game by using YouTube videos as a distraction to keep Little K still whilst we change her, thank god for technology! We have bought countless teething rings, keys, you name it just so she can chew away at them if she feels the urge to bite, they are eagerly awaiting her in the fridge as they are best served cold to keep those gums numb. 

We have a very grumpy baby on our hands at present, she will not allow us to touch her face, let alone have a sneaky look at her gums. Little K has become very fussy during meal times, and will now give me evil looks as I try to spoon feed her anything, she will jam her mouth shut and continue giving me the side eye. I’m constantly reminding myself that this stage will also pass, just like it did before, and everything will be back to normal. 

I would love to hear your stories about teething, and how you coped. Comment down below and share your story, tips for soothing teething pains. 


Little K & Mom

x x 

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