Secret Baby Talk

Every month Me and my little family (the husband and little K) travel down to Birmingham to visit my parents and older siblings, not forgetting my nieces, nephews and friends. Gosh that list could just go on. I always look forward to seeing my family as I love the feel of jumping back into my “old life”, that’s me before having a baby and getting married, being a slob at my parents house whenever I want without having to dress somewhat decent for the OH, eating my mom’s delicious home food (which is 99% Pakistani), staying in my old bedroom and enjoying being amongst family and in the town I grew up in. 

As I travel back to Birmingham for visits quite often; I have mastered the art of packing for stayovers with a baby. Whereas before on our first few visits, my husband’s car would be overloaded with everything we could carry, which resulted in us being that one car on the motorway that looked like it’s passengers where squished by furniture, and our car level dropping slowly with the weight of our whole house inside it. Little K on the other hand has absolutely no idea were on earth we are going, and always kicks off as soon as we put her in the car seat, I am grateful for the daytime nap! It’s the only way to keep her quiet on the journey, meaning I can keep my sanity and and not turn up to my hometown as a deranged person from two hours torture of listening to twinkle twinkle little star, and all other nursery rhymes. So we aim to leave the house just around her afternoon nap, and a fresh bottle of milk in hand to knock her out. Perfect! 

What I love most about staying at my parents house is that Little K gets to interact with my nieces and nephews who are very much close to her age. With that being said, she has a fascination with one nephew in particular, and that’s her cousin Zak. They have formed a team and started to cause chaos in the house, Little K will follow him around the house and try to copy his every move (he is 17months old, so is a little ahead such as walking and babbling a lot more). I have learnt that this child of mine is actually quite the observer, if she is sat staring at her cousin Zak, she is actually learning his every move so she can practise her new trick later. For example, she will pull herself up to stand next to him if he is standing, even if that means using him as a pulling up aid. Poor kiddo.

I always wondered whether babies can understand one another, smart little beings as they are, I strongly believe they can understand each other to some extent. Does that make me sound crazy? I will explain to you how I have come to this conclusion. Little K just 8months old at the time, and Zak just 15months old were playing side by side in the living room on a summers day. My nephew Zak has a very short attention span just like Little K, so he decided to make a quick escape to the kitchen as the door was open and who knows, it might get shut by an adult any minute! so why not explore the forbidden territory? Unfortunately for him, his plan was cut short by my sister (Zak’s mom) closing the door before he could make a run for it, that being said he decided it was only fair to fake a cry and lay on the floor. As I watched him do this, I noticed him hand signalling to Little K to join him, to my surprise Little K had crawled up to him and sat by him whilst he faked his emotions. Did he just? Ohh myyy gosh, he just hand signalled to her and she understood! Who taught you that?! That was the mini panic attack I was having as I questioned myself in my own head about how she understood what he was trying to say. Man these kids are smarter than we thought. 

I can honestly say, from that day on… I have never doubted that babies can’t understand each other, because my Little person proved to me she is smarter than I had thought. For now I am enjoying all the babbling she does at 10 months old, half the time I pretend I understand because that’s my job, to talk to a baby who makes no sense at all just so she can carry on giving me a mini migraine, but also learn to talk when she hits that milestone in the near future. 

See you real soon in another post. 

Little K & Mom

x x. 

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