The Night Owl

img-20161229-wa0005Let me set the scene for you. As I sit here writing this post, I somewhat resemble a cross between a hippie and a zombie, almost as if the two have joined forces and created a new breed. This new breed must have very scruffy hair that hasn’t been combed for a few days, black under eye-bags that resemble a dead person and very dry, pale skin that shows some dehydration.

This is how rough things got last night; as Little K shot up a few times into wide awake mode from her sleep, and started to play peek a boo with herself. I’m avoiding the thought of her playing with some imaginary friend like the film Drop Dead Fred, as I will only crap my pants each time she wakes up, thinking we are being haunted by some ghost.

At every waking, I squinted my eyes to try to keep my eyes from shutting and kept trying to pull Little K back into bed. The first few attempts went something like this:

Little K sits up very fast in bed like a scary movie and starts making babbling noises. I’m still asleep at this point but I can hear some Heavy sighs, so I’m undecided if I was awake or asleep. Little K starts screaming and squealing in excitement “BOO”. At this point I’m wide awake with eyes that are squinting, thinking, What on earth is she doing awake?! What time is it? 

The babbling stops as I put her back into bed beside me. Not long later, she decides that she is no longer comfortable laying on her side, and flops over on to my pillow face down. Once again, I place her back on to her own side of the bed and attempt to sleep. Thank God she fell asleep! 

At 6am my brother creeps into our bedroom to pick up something he left behind before heading to the airport to jet off on holiday. Typical last minute packers with their last minute holidays, oh how I would love to be you right now, instead of being woken up constantly by a 10 month old baby who likes to play BOO with some strange invisible creature of the night that only she can see. At this point Little K is staring him in the face as he walks into the room trying to be as quiet as he can, what he failed to realise is that Little K  has mastered waking up to the lightest of sounds and will not let sleep defeat her. Even the sound of my breathing whilst facing her in bed can wake her up, and they say babies can sleep through anything. Ha! It’s either false statements or I have a faulty baby that needs fixing, someone? Anybody? There I lay getting more frustrated and looking more and more like a zombie and hippie cross breed with my red eyes, and scruffy hair, as Little K crawled around the bed trying to escape once again.

I have no idea what happened between then and 8am as I was so out of it, so I like to think the baby handled herself and either slept or stared me in the face whilst I was half dead for two hours. At 8am I was woken up a painful blow to my face by what seemed to be a tiny hand flying towards my face at full speed with the strength of Hulk as it slapped me right in the face. At that moment I knew there was no going back to sleep and I needed to get up before I ended up having a broken nose and spend my Thursday morning in A&E.

After the last 12hours of torturous events, I have been forced to resign myself to the sofa as the baby is now holding onto my pajamas in case I decide to make breakfast. Thank goodness I am at my mom’s house for the holidays, I’m thinking pass the parcel would be an excellent game for new years, except the prize maybe Little K if this sudden waking episode continues.


Little K & Mom.

x x


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