The Escapist 

Let me start by explaining the title of today’s post, it is as it says, we have a baby who tries escaping…at bath time! Yep that’s what you just read. Little K has always enjoyed bath time, splashing water at us and playing with her rubber duckies, it was all fun and games until she started to learn the art of pulling herself up at 8months.

That’s when the mission escape started. Every time I would place Little K into the baby bath, she would shoot straight up by holding onto the sides of her little bathtub and then make a quick escape by trying to lunge herself out. Luckily I have the reflex actions of a stunt person (so I say), me and the other half manage to hold her just in time. It was then that we all started hating bathtime! Ugh! Just the thought of it gave me a backache. It was like a wrestling match each time, except it’s your child and you in the ring facing it off, and the opponent (in this case Little K) being super slippery from all that soap on her body. It would always take two of us to give her a bath, my OH holding her upright whilst I soaped her body and hosed her down with the not so powerful shower nozzle. Not so ideal when you have a wriggly baby trying to break free.

That’s when I knew it was time for a change, Little K, as smart as she is, needed to be taught that bathtime is not a prison full of bubbles and rubber ducks, it’s a time to relax and enjoy some splishing and splashing.

So I pulled out the big guns and invested in a thermobaby 1949 bath seat, this badass is designed to keep your baby seated at all times during bath time, and has suction pads beneath it to stop it sliding around the bathtub. It has a high back for extra back support, allowing more comfort when sitting, and can be used from 7-16months. This Aquababy seat is made from a sturdy plastic material with 3 colourful toys on the front bar to keep your child occupied and playing.

When little K was in the bath seat we decided to fill the tub upto her waist with lots of toys and bubbles. Although she didn’t play with the toys on the bath seat, I am pleased to say she stayed put the whole time and didn’t escape, and best of all me and the OH didn’t have a backache after. Phew! We are now looking forward to bathtimes again, until she learns how to escape out of this bath seat, then we are back to square one. Ahhhh! But for now it’s a life saver!


Little K & Mom


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