First Trip to Funtazia


Only 10months old and already invited to a birthday party at Funtazia. Sometimes I think my child is more popular than me.

It was Little K’s cousin’s birthday party at Funtazia and we were invited, mostly little K as it was a children’s party… I’m sure we were just there to watch her like hawks incase she decides to crawls away at a speed we can’t keep up with. Especially me with my creaky knees! The party was to start at 3:30pm until 5:30pm, so we decided to get ready at 2pm which would allow us some time to do any last minute nappy changes if need be. Little K decided enough is enough and she was going to nap from 12.30 til 2.30pm, which was okay. Whilst I got ready, the OH was already at work changing her nappy and clothes. That’s when it all went downhill, why do kids think it’s funny to wee once their nappy is off. It’s done with such good timing as well, just as we have cleaned her little bottom, either I or my husband will reach over for a clean nappy, only to find her weeing all over the changing mat, and soaking her clothes that were perfectly rolled up.

I could just see the sheer panic on my husband’s face, he was having a panic attack over wee! It was pretty clear by looking at him standing there all wide eyed that he had forgotten all languages he had learned, and was acting out a scene from one of Charlie Chaplins movies, his hands motioning to me something I couldn’t quite make out, his face red with some annoyance and panic that he didn’t know what to do. At that point I should have said Man Up! With a reassuring tap on his back, but instead I opted to help to help out and together we cleaned the flood of wee pretty well.

It’s obvious that I am going to tell you we were late to the party, but we wasn’t just a little late, we arrived later than everyone. Don’t you just hate walking in on a party so late that your face feels red from all the eyes staring at you and secretly judging you. Hands up! It was our fault for being late, so a sincere apology did the trick.

It’s safe to say we managed to get in on some of the fun during the final 30-40minutes we were there. Little K got to listen to some loud disco music and see flashing lights in the party room. We even sneaked out to get into the ball pit and she loved every minute of it, any longer and she would have had a tantrum upon leaving. Thankfully that was avoided, as it would be me trying to calm her down on the way home. She even ventured out into the tunnel and climbing areas, a little nudge, and within the first minute she was racing back and forth in the tunnel on all fours, that’s when I had to climb in and pull her out before she decided to claim the tunnel to herself, not allowing other children entry.

Did I mention that she put her claim on a red ball after going into the ball pit, and refused to give it anyone. It was hers and only hers! She also decided to play “find the left over food on the floor” and kept lunging at any random crap on the floor. I was exhausted after 10minutes of constantly pulling her away from items she kept discovering. Or shall I say bits of food on the floor that other children had dropped in the party. Just the thought of it is making me cringe. Hold on whilst I go wash my hands for the hundredth time. It’s all fun and games until your child decides to become the cleaner of the party and pick up things from the floor, even tiny spec that you can’t see, Little K will find it. I think I may have found her party trick, dust cleaner. Just kidding!

On a last note, the party went well, and we made it in time to see the birthday boy blow out his cake candles. Next time, we will aim to be there early, even if it means camping out the night at the site. (Ha! As if that would happen with Little K).


Little K, and Mum.



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