I Write Because…

IMG_0418.JPGI write because I want to free my mind, and let my mind wonder, allowing the creativity within me to surface. I write because this is my escape from some realities, but also to share my smile and laughter, to show my perspective on life.

I write because I want to be ME, and only me. I want to show you beneath the surface, I want to show you my hidden depths.

I write because writing allows me to breathe, after a long hard days worth of sweat, this tired mother would like to have 10 minutes of relaxation time. In that time, she wants to escape the day’s events that took place, and breathe life into her writing. She allows her fingers to move freely and in those movements; her emotions run wild and dance on the keyboard, her fingers and emotions in sync with one another.

Little does this mother show everyone the struggles she faces on a daily basis, little does any mother show the truth. Here is a little truth for you today. My life changed in that first breath my child took, and from that day I made a vow to protect her from all I can. Β Each day that vow is kept, by holding her when she struggles to sleep, by comforting her when my eyes are tired. My arms ache as I rock her for hours, yet I continue to do so as she is a part of me. I am so much more than what you see, labels hold no bounds for me. I am a daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend… But most of all, I am a mother and that is my reality, my love for her grows stronger each day, and each day is a new trial for me as I learn the art of what a mother really means.


Thank you for reading this post.Β 

Little K, and Mum. x x

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