Who is Little K?

“Little K” stands for Khadija, Little because she is still a tiny person, and growing fast. Whilst pregnant, I was constantly holding back a lot of “hmmfs” and “ouchs” as Khadija moved around a lot. Especially at night, it was always whenever I wanted to take a nap, or was overly tired, Little K decided it was time to throw a party and wriggle around in my tummy just to keep me awake. That’s when I knew I might have an active baby on my hands very soon.

Once born, she was a beauty in my eyes. A magical pearl that always knew when to shine and bring a smile on my face. Little K was quite the talker, always letting out little squeals from day one, and enjoyed listening to me and daddy talk, whilst occasionally trying to join in by letting out a little murmur.

As she reached 4 months old, she fast learned how to roll on to her stomach. Once by accident when trying to reach for a toy during tummy time. After that first moment, I could see the lightbulb light up above her head as she tried to attempt it again and again. A few days later and we had a rolling baby on our hands! It was then we knew we would need to watch her every move incase she decided to roll away, not forgetting her doing 360 turns everywhere. Every morning I would be woken by shuffling noises coming from the Moses basket beside my bed, only to open my eyes and see a baby on her tummy looking at me. A bit creepy sometimes to see only scruffy hair and little eyes looking at me, but mostly amusing.

We would have a lot of rough nights, especially when Little K was learning a new skill, such as rolling around, trying to crawl, and so forth. She would always wake every hour in the night to practise! At 5months Little K was finally sleeping in her cot and me and the OH were loving every minute of it. Until one day at 6 months her bottom two teeth decided to make an appearance along with a nasty cold, and an awful nappy rash, which left us with a crying, clingy baby. Since that day, let me tell you, she has refused to sleep in her cot, because she now thinks she owns our bed. Dammit!

So for now we have a 10month old who is cosleeping with us, and secretly loving every minute of it. Oh we have tried to get her in the cot, believe me we have! She will stand right up and stare us in the face, and then attempt climbing out. My god we have a clever child! Where is she learning all of these tricks?! It’s as though she goes to baby classes whilst we sleep to learn what to do next, where all the babies get together to plot and scheme how to create mischief.

She has always been quite the observer, especially of her favourite cousin brother who isn’t that much older than her. As she has grown older and is now at the 10 month mark Little K has found a new joy in following her cousin brother around the house, when she has finally caught up with him she will; tug at his clothes, occasionally touch his face, scream and shout at him and other children in excitement, and then follow him some more. She can be very touchy feely, as she loves to use anything and anyone as a standing aid, and I’m assuming that’s why her favourite cousin always tries to escape out of the room when she is around.

Now you know a little back history about Little K, let’s continue with our stories in another blog post, and see what mischief Little K gets upto, whilst I potter around like a mad woman trying to baby proof everything in her reach.

See you real soon,


Little Me and Mum x


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