My Labour Story

img_0387img_0389I laugh if my waters break on the day of my sweep with the midwife. I said, so calmly to my other half. I could see the smirk on his face as he said; oh please, this baby isn’t coming until my birthday, 13th March… Me and the baby have a deal. 

Whaat?! A deal? The baby isn’t even born, and you have a deal with her already? This baby better come on time because I’m running out of patience, I just want to see her and hold her.

This was the conversation me and my dear husband had the night before I was scheduled a sweep at my midwifes appointment. Little did we know that this conversation would turn into a reality…. Pretty quickly.

As the night went on, we slept peacefully, (as peaceful as a pregnant woman can sleep, with a bump in the way, occasional kicksnand jabs from the baby, and the restless leg syndrome that just wouldn’t go away, the list goes on)… I stood up to make my hundredth trip to the toilet. Huh? Please tell me that I did not wet myself? I had noticed my pyjama bottoms were slightly wet upon wakingn so I quickly waddled off to the bathroom, only to come back and say to my OH “I think… My waters have broke”.

My husband half asleep at the time, looked at me to try and make sense of the words coming out of my mouth. I think my waters have broke! I repeated.  This time the look on his face was more of an awake person, but still confused as I had just awoken him from what seemed like a deep sleep. After what looked like 10minutes of him trying to wake fully, and think of what to do, I sat on the bed quietly panicking and becoming very very anxious.

We decided to ring the hospital triage line and explain the situation. After talking to a midwife over the phone, we were told to come in as soon as possible because I had Group B Strep, and would therefore need intravenous antibiotics before, and throughout labour. All the way to the hospital, I sat in the car; panicking and thinking, “Be strong, I can do this!” 

After being examined a midwife confirmed that my waters had broken, so I may need to be induced if labour did not start naturally within 12hours, in the meantime I would need antibiotics before and during labour. So off I was sent to the ward where I was surrounded by other pregnant women who were in the same boat as me (close to giving birth). At that point it became a waiting game, every hour we would see two midwives come into the ward and wheel away a pregnant lady about to give birth. Every hour me and the OH kept looking at each other thinking “are we next?”.

We finally got called down into the delivery suite on Friday evening, where I was examined once more and talked through why I would be needing intravenous antibiotics during labour, after my first dose of antibiotics I would then be attached to another drip for the synthetic hormone to cause contractions and start my labour. At that point I was so nervous and a little scared, I just smiled and nodded to give my consent. 

It so happened that I was not induced on the Friday evening because the midwife on duty who was taking care of me wanted to allow my body to start contracting naturally without the drip, so instead a pessary gel was used, and off I was sent to back to the ward with the hope of contractions starting. The waiting game had begun, and it got very boring! We decided to walk around the hospital a few times to try and start labour, heck I even took the stairs a lot of the time, but nothing happened. Gone was Friday, and gone was most of Saturday too, every lady on the ward had gone into labour between Friday to Saturday….we were the only ones left. 

Finally we were brought down into the delivery suite Saturday evening to induce me. As I sat on the hospital bed, I glanced around the room, trying to take in my surroundings and make myself feel at ease before the drip was attached to me. Once again I was talked through the steps that would be taken and asked if I was okay with the whole process. And once again I nodded to give my consent. Believe it or not after a final examination to see if I was dilated, a debate started between two of the midwives whether my waters had actually broken because I was not dilated more than 1cm and not having any contractions. At that point I had given up trying to make sense of what my body was playing at, and just listened in to the conversation as though I was invisible. It was then found that my back waters had ruptured the whole time and I would now need for my waters to be broken. Ten minutes later a doctor was called into the room to break my waters, and to attach a clip onto the baby’s head to get an accurate reading of her heart beat. It was on, the drips had been attached, my waters were broken and gushing out occasionally, this was it! 

The contractions started off bearable due to the hormone drip being administered at a lower rate. After a while I noticed that they we’re getting stronger… My stomach tightening up with each contraction, the pain was becoming a little unbearable. I was given entonox (gas and air) to control my breathing and to ease me into labour. Two hours in, the drip level was raised even more, and I was asking for stronger drugs.  At that point I knew things were only getting started and I had a long way to go, and had asked to be given the diamorphone injection into my thigh, that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

After a short while I found myself feeling very drowsy, the room was getting darker and darker, voices of my husband and the midwife were fading. What was happening? The Diamorphine had made me drowsy and I had fallen asleep for a little while. Once awake I was still very drowsy and unable to hold myself up to get into different positions.

My contractions became very intense as the drip level was raised, and i began to throw up. My dear OH was holding a cardboard bowl to my face each time I felt unneasy. I remember snapping at him to stop moving the bowl away from me when I leaned back to rest on the bed. As the hours went by I began fighting the immense feeling of pressure. Finally the stage had come to push with each contraction, I began focusing on the voice of my midwife and husband telling me to breathe: Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. With each inhale and exhale, I channeled my energy into pushing with each contraction. The doctor who had broke my waters had come into the delivery suite to check on my progress and baby khadijas heart beat. After many attempts at pushing, the doctor and midwives decided to use forceps to help my delivery, and with that, my beautiful baby girl was placed on my chest for skin to skin contact.

As I gazed into her beautiful eyes I knew that my life had changed forever. I was congratulated by the midwifes, seeing this the doctor came over to my side and smiled, she said I can’t believe after all that you are still drowsy, she’s beautiful, many congratulations to you both. The drug was still in my system and I was in and out of consciousness, but I knew that it was over and things were going to be very different in our life.

I still remember it like it was yesterday, cherishing each moment as Little K grows into a little person.

Little K and Mum. 


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