Hormones and Pregnancy

You know those movies where you always seem to see a pregnant lady looking amazing and flourishing throughout her pregnancy with what seems to be a quick labour… In my head that’s what I thought my pregnancy would be like.

Truth be told, finding out I was going to be a mommy was a very big shock to begin with. ME? No seriously are you telling me I’m going to be a mom? Was all I kept asking myself, I basically had one of those moments where you have an actual conversation with yourself.

For some first time moms’ including myself, the fact that you are pregnant doesn’t fully register straight away, what comes first is you questioning yourself like a crazy person, followed by looking like an emotional wreck because you’re crying and laughing at the same time out of happiness and maybe disbelief. My OH on the other hand seemed to handle it very well compared to my crazy person reaction… Secretly I like to think he must have had the same reaction as me when I wasn’t in the room. It’s only natural right? Isn’t it?

So coming into the first half of trimester one of my pregnancy, weeks 4-6 went by somewhat like this:

1. Register appointment with doctor
2. Browse the internet constantly researching what I can or cannot eat. Is pineapple safe?
3. Searching for random stuff on the Internet such as; what type of exercises can I do? Why am I not showing already? When should I tell people that I’m pregnant?
4. Pre-plan my maternity wardrobe.
5. Keep analysing my body to see if it’s changed overnight
6. Annoy my sister and mom asking all sorts of questions at the most inappropriate times.

Second half of trimester one:

Weeks 7-14 on the other hand weren’t very fun I’m afraid. I was hit by morning sickness at the start of week 7… Something which I thought I wouldn’t have, okay okaaay you got me! I didn’t know much about morning sickness so I wasn’t expecting it to happen to me.

The term “Morning Sickness” doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be sick in the early hours of the day; they should call it “Sick all hours of everyday” since I was being sick all day long and at night! My morning sickness took a turn for the worst at week 8 where I was unable to keep anything down, followed by a lot of acid reflux and a lack of interest in anything at all. A few trips to the doctor’s office and a late night trip to A&E (hospital) meant that I was feeling no better and beginning to think WHY ME?! I was told I had HG (Hyperemis Gravidarum), which is a not so nice form of morning sickness, if left untreated can cause dehydration and hospitalisation. I was reassured that the HG would eventually subside as I entered my second trimester of pregnancy.

On the plus side of it all, I met a lovely nurse during my trip to hospital who told me and I quote “An old wives tale has it, that if you have a tough pregnancy, you will have an easy labour”. Boy I hoped she would be right! So for that time I held on to that thought.

I will end today’s post on a positive note… Pregnancy is a blessing in disguise, whilst you may be going through a tough pregnancy, be completely symptom free, or may go through the whole pregnancy limbo in the future… I will say to you what my midwife annoyingly said to me on our first encounter, “You’re not ill, your pregnant, you’re not ill, your pregnant, YOU’RE NOT ILL, YOU’RE PREGNANT” believe me, it’s not that bad.
I dedicate today’s post to all the new mum’s who have gone through / going through the same experience as myself, to my supportive husband who has been there with me throughout my difficult first trimester, and to my friends and family who have kept me smiling throughout.


Little Me and Mum

x x

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